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Sign colors and fonts lettering cuy vinyl
Denver, Aurora, Colorado

A few colors and fonts to consider -
By no means a complete selection, here are a handful of common colors and fonts to consider.  We can both look at this page when discussing your jobs to get an idea of what the other is thinking of.
HELP US us get you the best quote -
These are the things we (or any other sign company) will need to know to quote your job as quickly and accurately as possible. 

1.  What item(s) do you need?
2.  What
SIZE are the item(s) you need?

HOW MANY of each item do you want?

4.  Are the items you need

5.  Are these items going to be used

6.  Do your items need
MOUNTED to a rigid substrate or

HOW will these items be installed or attached? 
      To a wall  - From a ceiling  - With posts, etc?

WHERE are you located... what is your street address? 

ARTWORK -  "Photo ready" means that we should not change your art file in any way.  This would be complete art files in Adobe Illustrator format with your fonts outlined so our systems do not try to modify your art.  Your images included need to be of the correct size and resolution for the final size your project will be. 

We can also accept finished art as a high resolution PDF format or as a large .JPG or other bitmap file sent to our large file sending address (see below.

FIles that are NOT photo ready include any done  in Word, or most other consumer graphics programs.  Any file that included includes any photos that have been "borrowed" from the Internet are also not useable. The problem with files from the Internet are: 
1) Someone else did the work to create them and they own the rights .

2) These photos are are often very small 72 dpi art files.  We need to work in full size files, usually at 150dpi, on signs and banners. 

3) Also, while your file created in MS Word or a similar program will help us understand what design thoughts you have, they cannot be used as photo ready art.  We will need to re-create anything presented in these formats. 
Need to email us an oversized file?
Use this address for up to 2GB size files.
Store window lettering and decoration.  Vinyl window clings.  Banners.
Decals  Maverick Graphics and Signs Banners Denver .com Aurora
Store window lettering and decoration.  Vinyl window clings.  Banners.
Decals  Maverick Graphics and Signs Banners Denver .com Aurora

We have complete art design capabilities.  The more we know about your project, the more we can provide useful input for your items.  We can work fromyour thoughts or, with your guidence, designing it all for you.
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