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While most people think of these for use on truck or car doors as a removable sign, there are many uses for these versital signs. One great use is as shelf markers for steel shelving. The green ones with yellow letters shown below are used for that purpose. As promotional "give-aways" is another use. 

We use the finest magnet sheet material available and decorate these with the same ink and vinyl we make store front window and truck decorating decals with.  For verhicle use we always make them with a radiused corner as a bit more protection from lift off at highway speed.  Like with any custoim made signs, another great benefit is that these can be cut to a special size and shape if youy need. 

These can last a number of years if cared for properly.  The damage to them that we have seen has most often occured during improper storage. Rolled up with road film still opn them or or just tossed onto an uneven floor of a car trunk for months and placing others items on these and they will indeed have a short life. Stored cleaned with mild soap and water (NEVER 409, alcojhol, Windex or other spray cleaners) and flat when not in use, or stored attached to a metal door (or the side of a refrigerator, for example) and these signs will give you years of trouble free service. 

For vehicle use, rounded corners are an important touch as they help prevent "lift off" of your signs at highway speed. 
Magnetic signs are an excellent
removable type of sign.
Also excellent as a temporary
sign or cover-over sign.
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Retail shelving magnetic signs SIgns Banners Denver
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Magnetic signs are perfect for use on metal display shelves in retail stores and in warehouses. 
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