Attractive, effective, memorable and fun,
Motion Display Signs    are a unique way to
"Put your unused advertising space to work!"   
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This sign is designed to detect children when they approach.  It then flashes red and blue LEDs in a "police car" fashion, beeps or buzzes a short bit then sprays the children with a gentle mist of water.  It can be used for a display at a fair or a festival to entertain children and attract their parents.
This sign promotes a display of Colorado honey.  It senses a person in front of it and then flutters the bee's wings and gently sways the bee's body as it buzzes gently. This is used as a hanging sign up above the reach of customers and children.
We put your unused advertising space to work!  sm
Moving motion LED microprocessor signs Denver, Aurora, Colorado

Motion Display Signs   are custom designed signs that can have a wide variety of elements added that can light up, flash, beep, move, wiggle, wobble, slide, or even squirt a mist of water towards people passing by.

Custom designed, printed and assembled to suit your needs, the sensors, motors, LEDs, buzzers, actuators and other elements are controlled by a custom programmed microprocessor. These signs can be sat on a easel, free standing on it's own easel or stand,  hung on a wall or hung from a suspended ceiling or mounted standing out from a post inside  your business.

Perhaps you want to attract attention to and increase your sales of snow blowers, we can design a sign that shows a cartoon character enjoying the ease of using his snowblower that only starts and moves when it "senses" anyone near your snowblower display.

Imagine you carry a variety of "take and bake" pies. We can design a "Pie Picker" sign that has a large illuminated button that, when pressed, ten LEDs spin around and flash like a roulette wheel soon "landing" on certain type of pie to get people to learn all your flavors are and to get them to stay by the display longer than they would have otherwise.

If you want to say goodbye and thank every customer as they leave your store, we can design and fabricate a sign that does this for you automatically, and in a very memorable way.

Call us anbout a sign that you may be thinging about that will attract attention to a particular product or display in your business.  

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