A frame signs, often called "sandwich boards" come in a variety of sizes.  Each frame manufacturer has what they consider to be a standard sizes with 24 wide x 36” tall being one common size. 

A frame signs usually have two separate faces mounted on a wooden,  metal or plastic frame.

Some of the types of a frame signs include:

1 - An a-frame with a permanent message. Look at the classic wooden a-frame saying “Dog Wash“ or the metal framed retro look sign saying “Mechanic On Duty.”  These have a permanent message on them. They are excellent for hundreds of uses.

2 - A-frame sign frames with sign faces that can be slid out of the frame and removed and replaced.  These have recently become very popular for promotional signs where you want to show lunch specials or different messages on different days, etc. These are like the “Your Wife Called” example. 

3 -  A-frames can also have an entire face of changeable letters or be customized to have your logo on top with an area below for the changeable message rails and letters.

4 - A-frames can also be completely custom made with custom frames coutour cut around a logo or shape of a person. While more costly, these are very effective and memorable. These can set the tone or image of a restaurant or business to people passing by as powerfully as the business main signs.

This is a plastic a frame sign
that you can remove and replace the signs faces on. 
You can order additional sign face serts and change out your message as you like.

We offer three sizes of these.

This 28" x 32" size is a rigid plastic  The 24' x 36" face size frames are blow-moulded plastic and yoiu can add sand as ballast for use in windy areas. The larger 32' x 40" sized are blow molded plastic co cand can be added and they have wheels to conveniently roll then in and out and springs as additional protection against wind. of vehicle gusts.
This is the most basic streetside or a-frame sign.  It holds a double sided face 24" wide x 18" tall.  This is the most common size face for a "real estste sign." 
In some neighborhoods you cannot  drive stakes into your property even for a real estate sign and these are the most common solution. is very ,
The difference is the DESIGN
of your streetside sign. 

Streetside Signs -
Custom store window clings and interior wall clings
We put your unused advertising space to work!  sm
Store window lettering and decoration.  Vinyl window clings.  Banners.
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Streetside signs are usually one of four types of signs:
1  - A "real estate type" frame holding your signs.
2 -  A "promotional sign" using a lightweight sign face and wire stake.
3 -  An "A frame" double sided sign in a variety of sizes.
4 - An upright frame holding to single faced signs or posters.

"Real estate" signs are most often 24" wide x 18" tall though we have also have frames available and have made them 30" wide x 24" tall and other custom sizes for greater copy space and more impact.

Lightweight Coroplast (corrugated plastic) "political" streetside signs are very similar to real estate type signs and are nearly always 24" wide x 18" tall.  The difference is that these are much lighter weight and usually for shorter term promotional use.

We offer three types of streetside signs.  
A frames (or sandwich boards)   
2)  Real estate or political type signs 
3)  Large streetside poster holders
A Frame signs
Local ordinances surrounding these types of signs can  sometimes less than distinct and hard to get a difinitive answer on.

You and I have seen these signs  around the city for decades, yet if you call the ordinance office three times, you may get three different answers of if they are legal in your area or not. Some customers have said they literally passed four or five of these driving to their local sign ordinance office only to be told that tehse are positively illegal to use.  In some communities they have districts where these types of sidewalk signs are perfectly legal (and very common)  yet other districts in the same city where these are positivel prohibited and often conficated.  In some   cases clients have had their signs up for years without any concerns then a new ordinance officer stopps in and says their sign is illegal.  Yet on other occasions, there have been signs like these all over a certain area and then as soon as a new one went up, a client was immedietly notified that their sign is in violation of an ordinance. The city of Denver has specific rules about a-frame signs needing to be anchored these to the ground yet the permits for them are granted by a separate office other than the normal sign ordinance office. Because of all of these possible variations, while we design and producce these, the customer is responsible for their use within local ordinances.

Last comment:  These signs are wonderfully effective.  As you travel in the US and abroad you see them everywhere (some of them quite elaborate) because they simply WORK.  In Tacoma, Washington, we looked across the street from the trian station and saw a group of a dozen of them.  We selected our restaurant for dinner that day from that group. In Seattle they directed us into restaurants and gift shops all along their famous piers and on their city streets.  In London and Paris they are virtyally everywhere...all because they work great at directing passers-by into a business. 
These are examples of wood and steel frames a-frame signs with a mpermanent message .  They are sturdy enough to withstand smost winds yet light enough to carry in and out of your business by nearly anyone.  If the winds inyour area get too strong, attach a chain between the two faces with a milk jug filled with sane as ballast.
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Customer made wooden sign frame and face.
Face is decorated with large decals.
Metal legs with plastic faces 24x18 tall
Face is decorated with exterior grade decals
A traditional heavy gauge real estate type
frame  with a double sided 24w x18t aluminum face decorated with exterior grade vinyl and inks.
This illustration depicts a steel angle iton frame with a hybrid custom logo and changeable message letter tracks below.
Both standard 24w x 18t faces, one is hanging from a round bent steel frame while the other is on a stake you press into the ground.  Some areas require any real estate signs NOT pierce the soil so these a-frames are legal in most areas where the stake type may not be.
This is a great sign frame that is made of blow-olded plastic.  The springs allow it to move back and forth in winds or along a roadside without falling over.  If you need ballast, add sand to the base... a funnel is included for that purpose. The wheels make it easy to roll inside at night and you can buy replacement faces to get many useses out of this one frame. .
A set of double sided signs suitable for a variety of positions around a home holding a moving sale.
decorated with cut vinyl lettering.
This is a great sign frame that is made of blow-olded plastic.  The springs allow it to move back and forth in winds or along a roadside without falling over.  It ballast is needed youp can add sand to this base.  The wheels make it easy to roll inside at night.
A blow-molded plastic a-frame with hybrid
custom faces partial logo and part changeable
message area.
Left one is 24" x 18" plastic sign frame with changeable faces.  Right example is a small banner stretched over a round steel 1-frame to form a double sided 24" wide x 24" tall face on both sides.  
Sane as the frame above, this shows a face being inserted that has tracks to make it a changeable message dign.